Pest Control

Westlake Pest & Termite Management can help you with all your general pest control needs. We are experienced at eradicating pests and can help make your property pest free. We have pest control programs for cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, fleas, wasps, rodents, mosquitoes and many more.

Our team is professional, reliable and experienced having spent many years in the industry, we take extra care whilst carrying out treatments and we also spend extra time on any hard to treat areas or problems. Our policy is to provide great customer service and quality treatments using only the best products available. Taking this approach ensures we can provide you with a pest free environment for the life of the warranty.

Our products and treatments are environment friendly, they don’t have any foul smells and they are also safe to use around pets. Our prices are very competitive and we provide warranties with our treatments.

Weed control

Having problems with weeds, we’re also experienced at treating various types of weeds.

Weeds can be categorized into the following;

General and environmental weeds – some common general and environmental weeds that can be found around the home are Bindii, Crows foot grass or Goose grass, Clover, Strawberry leaf clover, Cobblers pegs, Paspalum, Nutgrass to name a few.

Declared weeds – some declared weeds found in the area are Prickly pear, Velvet tree pear, Singapore daisy, Chinese elm, Mother of millions, Climbing asparagus, Cat’s claw creeper, Water hyacinth and Salvinia.

Don’t let any of the following pests take over your property – call us today!










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Weed control