Pest identification prior to commencement of a treatment is the key to eradiating the pest. Without a correct pest identification then the product selected to control it may not provide the desired outcome.

Although most householders can easily identify common pests such as the Australian cockroach or Redback spider, where there is a persistent pest problem that can’t be resolved with usual treatment methods, it may mean that an unusual species is involved and an experienced pest controller will need to identify it.

Correctly identifying the species causing the problem is important as it means that we can:

  • Consider the different treatment options;
  • Determine the best course of action based on cost and family considerations;
  • Eradicate the pest more quickly before the problem progresses to the next stage and becomes costly.

Some of the reasons why it is important to identify the species early include the following:

  • Some species can cause damage to property, spoil food, and can be the cause of some diseases in humans. These diseases can be passed on to people in several different ways, the most common being contact with food which is later eaten, or contact with objects or utensils that are later handled.
  • Some species are also known to bite people directly which can also spread disease

Here at Westlake Pest & Termite Management we pride ourselves on the care we take in actually solving your problem, rather than simply applying a treatment and moving on to the next client. We have experience in identifying a vast range of pest species, gained from working in the pest industry for many years, using modern tools and equipment. We will ensure we carry out the right treatment for you, reducing the risk of damage to your property and to your health from potential contact with pests. This approach will also save you time and money.