Did you know that building insurance does not cover damage caused by termites. Have you done everything you can to protect your property against termite attack? Termites are prevalent all over Australia, and in South East Queensland, damage to properties from termites occurs more regularly than you may be aware of. It’s for that reason the Australian Standard 3660.2-2017 recommends that termite inspections are carried out at least once per year.

Here at Westlake Pest & Termite Management we offer regular termite inspections, pre-purchase inspection and treatments. We can install a chemical barrier and/or baiting stations around the building depending on what your needs are.

All of our inspections are carried out using the latest in thermal and radar technology and we upgrade all of our equipment on a regular basis to ensure we are using the best technology to detect any possible activity in your home. Some firms charge extra for using this type of equipment. Here at Westlake Pest & Termite Management it comes standard with all of our inspections. We have found providing this free of charge with our inspections gives our clients good value for money and also peace of mind knowing the termite inspection has been carried out using the most advanced equipment available.

Inspections can take around two hours to perform and on completion we provide the client with a report.

Regular termite inspections

A thorough inspection is carried out to the exterior and yard area looking for any signs of activity. We check for visible mud trails, nests and damage to exterior timbers, we also report on anything that may be conducive to termite attack.

We then proceed to the interior of the house and check the walls using a termite knocker, moisture meter and movement detector.

The termite knocker is used to detect any eaten out timber below the surface. This involves tapping the skirting boards, architraves and window sills.

The moisture meter can detect any moisture that may exist within the wall, if moisture is present this can be an indication that there is a leaking water pipe, faulty waterproofing in a wet area or worse, an active termite nest within the wall.

The movement detector is as the name suggests a device used for detecting movement, it’s extremely sensitive and will detect the movement of termites. A thermal sensor is also built in to detect heat.

We also inspect the roof void and sub floor (if present) for any termite activity.

Regular termite inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 3660.2-2017. Upon completion we provide you with an 8 page report including any recommendations. We can also provide you with a quote to install a chemical barrier and baiting system if required to protect your building from termite attack.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections

We can assist with all your building and pest inspections needs.

Buying a house can be a stressful experience, once you’ve signed a contract there are many things you need to organize in a very short period of time such as a building and pest inspection, finance and a solicitor. We understand this and we do our part to make it as stress free as possible, we can normally arrange an inspection with in one day of being contacted and can co-ordinate between the builder, the pest inspector and real estate agent for you.

All of our building and pest inspections are attended by two qualified and licensed inspectors one being a building inspector and the other a pest inspector. This ensures that each aspect of the building and pest inspection is carried out in the most thorough way.

We have a network of licensed builders who are experienced at carrying out building inspections, the inspection normally takes them around one to two hours and on completion we provide you with a written report with detailed photos.

Our pest inspections are carried out in the same way as a regular termite inspection, we also look for signs of activity from wood borers and check for wood decay. The inspection normally takes around one to two hours and a separate report with detailed photos is provided on completion.

Our pre-purchase pest inspections are carried out accordance with Australian Standards 4349.3-2010

Termite Treatments, chemical barriers & baiting systems

Our termite treatments are affordable and we can offer several different types of treatments to suit both your property and your budget. We have all the latest tools and equipment required to carry out treatments for termites both in and around buildings.

We can install a new chemical termite barrier and or baiting system. If you already have a chemical treatment barrier installed and require it to be renewed we can assist.

Consider taking out a TimberSecure Homeowners Insurance policy after the installation of a termite barrier. This will provide you with up to $100,000 worth of cover for repairs to your home. Additional cost of a TimberSecure policy is $420, you can obtain more information about this product by visiting  www.timbersecure.com.au

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a time for an inspection please feel free to contact us by phone, or email us via the Contact Us page.